Memorial Day Canoe & Camping Trip in TN - Fun for all!!

Memorial Day Canoe & Camping Trip in TN - Fun for all!!

Post by cind » Sun, 17 May 1998 04:00:00

It's finally time for the 15th Annual Buffalo River Canoe and Camping Trip

Hello, a bunch of my friends and I have been going canoeing and camping at
the Buffalo River in western middle Tennessee every Memorial Day weekend
since 1983. I have coded a web site to document our camping parties and
let everyone know a great place to camp on Memorial Day weekend. Our group
consists of 20-35 people every year, aged 20-45. Slink Shoals near
Flatwoods TN is big enough for several more groups;  if you don't already
have plans for the weekend, you might think about grabbing your buds, your
Bud and a fishing' pole and joining the party!!

There is nothing commercial, just lots of pics, stories, contact
information, lists of natural areas, state parks, campgrounds, Corp of
Engineers Properties in the middle TN area, a listing of floatable rivers
in Tennessee with  a directory of canoe liveries serving  each river. No
paid advertising, just a listing that I compiled.

If interested, cruise on over to

Thank you for reading  my post.

Nashville TN USA

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