WTB glass hull

WTB glass hull

Post by Mike Nieme » Sat, 27 Nov 1999 04:00:00

I would like to buy an older Deep V glass hull.  Something in the 18' to
21' range.  Prefer a cuddy cabin or small cruiser type.

I have an old 21' Carver wood hull boat with lots of equipment in it and
a 225 HP Evenrude for power.  The wood hull is shot and I would like the
reduced maintenance of an all glass boat.

I know these hulls are setting around in peoples back yards and storage
yards but try as I might I have been unable to locate what I want.
Anyone have any suggestions?  I am in the Seattle, Wa area but am
willing to travel a reasonable distance to pick up the right boat.
Don't need a trailer but would take one if I had to.  Condition of the
interior of the boat is not important as it will be remodelled for
sturgeon fishing.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Mike N