books on yachts

books on yachts

Post by Adi » Fri, 12 Dec 1997 04:00:00

Please recomend a good book about yacht sailing


books on yachts

Post by Art or Betty Eberl » Sat, 13 Dec 1997 04:00:00


> Please recomend a good book about yacht sailing

Any of the Eric Hiscock books, especially "Cruising Under Sail."  



books on yachts

Post by William H. Howe » Tue, 16 Dec 1997 04:00:00


>> Please recomend a good book about yacht sailing

Any Tristan Jones book. The man is a hero, a saint
and born sailor. Just overlook his lesser attributes.

Books you may have been forced to read: M.*** and Two
Years Before The Mast. Sans coercion, Moby*** is
laughing out loud funny, in parts. "Frowning in the general
direction of," most teachers of literature....this is good stuff.
Richard Dana's adventures ring so true, and are so much
better without a cat o' nine tails and with grog. Good stuff.

Slocum, J.

Sensible Cruising: The Thoreau Approach. "If you are serious
in your wish to cruise, stick religiously to the basics. It is the
surest, safetst route through the shoals in your path." Casey and
Hackler. Really good stuff, especially so if you wondered what
that stuff about Thoreau and Walden was about.

A gem: Voyaging On A Small Budget. Annie Hill. Pete and
Annie have done the wild thing and believe you can too!
This book is all 'good parts.' Maybe the best of all these

Larry Brown's Frugal Yachting has just a tad of filler. And, he ain't
half as beautiful as Annie Hill. But the book is a classic of the

If the question had to do with learning to sail, navigate and
maintain, then you won't go wrong with the Time - Life boating
series, old and out of print good stuff.

Hiscock, Roth, so many good books. The Pardeys, Payson,
Bruce, Tabarly, Colvin, Sterling Hayden ( Wanderer ).

For maintaining the ship, dressing the ship and crew and
civil behavior, anything by Hervey Garrett Smith. The Marlinspike
Sailor, Boat Carpentry and, best of all, The Arts of the Sailor.
Yes. Caulking irons aren't much used these days. Yes. Sea
chests take up extra space. Yes. So do Smith's books and
you may have my copies once I, "feed the fish." Only then.

For Truth and Fair Winds
Bill Howell (DIVER!)