Eisboch - Lots of Bodyguard info

Eisboch - Lots of Bodyguard info

Post by J Herrin » Sat, 06 Apr 2013 06:09:24

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Eisboch - Lots of Bodyguard info

Post by Eisboc » Sat, 06 Apr 2013 07:41:31

You may have already seen:



Yeah,  I had read that forum discussion before buying one.  Mine is
brand new, so I think most of the early issues discussed have been

The only problem I had initially was learning how to put it back
together once I broke it down for cleaning.  The little lever/pin that
they discuss was a *** to re-install at first because the manual
really doesn't describe the process clearly.   I ended up watching a
couple of YouTube video's on disassembly and reassembly.  Once I
learned the "secret"  (making sure you pull the barrel all the way
forward while installing the pin)  it went back together with no
problems.   Now, it's duck soup.  Just had to learn the process.

It's a neat little gun.   I probably couldn't hit the broadside of a
barn at any distance, but that's not what it's for.   I practice at 25
feet at the range and I practice point shooting rather than aiming
most of the time with this gun.  I use those targets that change color
where you hit.   Once I hit it once, I can usually hit with most of
the rest.   Don't know why but I've always been pretty good at point
shooting.   In Florida I hit a c***snake that was in our yard six
times without a miss using a Co2 pellet gun from about 15 feet.  The
pellets just about cut the snake in half.   Somewhere I have a picture
of it that I took after I stopped shaking.  Hate snakes, especially
highly poisonous ones that hang around your house.

Actually, our adventure in Florida is the reason I bought my first
firearm ... a Winchester 20 gauge shotgun.   I received a panic call
from my wife one day (I was just down the road).   She was all e***d
and nervous because there was a "big" snake right in the walkway
leading to our front door.   I booked it home and sure enough, there
was a 4 or 5 ft. rattlesnake coiled up in front of our door.  It
wasn't moving .... just coiled there looking at me, flicking it's

I went around to the back door and got my trusty  CO2 pellet gun that
I had killed the c***snake with.   Loaded it up and put a new Co2
cartridge in it.
I think that pellet gun held 7 or 8 rounds.   I hit that snake at
least 5 times and all it did was***him off.   It finally slithered
away along the foundation of the house and disappeared somewhere.

I headed to Walmart  (sorry Harry)  and bought the shotgun and a box
of birdshot.   Had to wait three days to pick it up and never used it.