Info Needed on a Regal Countess 180

Info Needed on a Regal Countess 180

Post by R » Sat, 30 Nov 2002 00:35:35

I hope this is an appropriate group for this question.  I recently
purchased a Regal Countess 180. Depending on which document I look at
it is either a 1975 or 1977.  It is overall in excellent condition,
but has been obviously modified over the years/owners, and does need
some refurb (Okey, I really want to do some refurb).

I'm looking for some manuals or sales literature that would show me
what this boat might have looked like when manufactured.  Also get
some specs on it, as the USCG loading plate is long since missing  -
was removed from the console to make room for a now non-working
stereo... Would greatly appreciate any and all assist.