Removed Doel-Fin gained 3 mph

Removed Doel-Fin gained 3 mph

Post by Mark Shillingbur » Sun, 27 Apr 1997 04:00:00

I had previously posted inquiring about ways to get my
18 ft runabout maxing out at 41 mph up to the 50 mph

Well,  I took off my cheap $15 Doel-Fin and guess what?
Gained a good 3 mph and the boat seemed to handle better
in turns without it.  Personally, I don't think the hydro-foil
stabilizer did anything but rob my boat of needed horsepower.

Unless the more expensive ones actually do something I think they
are (at least for I/O's) useless.  I know on small outboards
a big flat plate really helped get out of the hole.

Well, with a good stainless I should get 46-47 and with the Edelbrock
manifold/carb upgrade I should get to 49-50.  May start seriously
looking at stainless props.

Mark S.