Harry's Lobster Boat

Harry's Lobster Boat

Post by Skippe » Mon, 17 Feb 2003 14:59:19




Harry's Lobster Boat

Post by Robert Hutto » Mon, 17 Feb 2003 15:46:55

   That was good. You must spend hours roaming the web to find this
stuff. If you would turn down the intensity a notch or two, we'd all
have more fun.
  Have a good Sunday

  P.S. : Keep your fingers crossed for us. We've had REALLY ***
weather here in MO and IL. Trying to shuttle a pup & 2 yr old Chow
from southern MO to Holland, MI. They made it to St. Louis last night.
We get them at Spfld, IL in the morning. We either head north or
hunker down with a couple of house guests for the night.
  What's this got to do with boats? Nothing. Seems like the right
place to post.
  Good Day All.

Robert Hutton


Harry's Lobster Boat

Post by Butch Amm » Tue, 18 Feb 2003 10:32:51

>And your boat is depicted.....  where?  Got any pictures of *your*
>boat?  Do you have any recent boating experiences to share?


Very well said, Gene.  I've wondered for a long time too, then I simply gave
up.  When asked, the silence can be deafening.

Butch Ammon