Offshore racers, clos

Offshore racers, clos

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In a message dated 07-07-94 DONZI DOUG wrote to  ALL:

 DD> Online, Inc. (1-800-827-6364)
 DD> Fishmeal,    What kind of stuff have you got in you pipe?  I
 DD> know quite a few offshore racers in the Great Lakes (GLOPRA)
 DD> assn, I can assure you they have got zero interest in sailing,
 DD> unless of course you're talking about the ones who have hit
 DD> their heads on the dash one too many times, ...deleted...
 DD> have you ever noticed that sailboters have so much latent
 DD> hostility towards offshore boats, is it because they really
 DD> wanted one and their wives made them buy a sailbote, or, is it
 DD> because they got the sailbote and it attracted their wives to
 DD> them (armpit hair and all) and not they are having second
 DD> thoughts?    I'm just curious...
 DD> Donzi Doug

I wonder just how far "offshore" the GLOPRA boys (obviously no women)
actually get during their races.  My experience with meeting the
"offshore power racers" in Florida was that none of them could
measure wave height

One would run into them at various boatyards, rambling on about
running at 70 - 80 - 90+ knots in 10-15 ft seas on a day that the
sailors thought was 3 -5 ft.  A couple friends who worked for a well
known yard in S. Fla were involved in the construction of an offshore
racer and then raced on the boat as throttle and navigator.  The boat
wasn't fast enough to do well but managed to finish a Miami - Nassau
Race.  They came back, laughing over the "macho" behaviour of these
clowns, and saying that if they tried to take their boats out into
what we (sailors) called 10 -15 ft seas, the power boys would die

As to the choice that the women in our lives made in choosing us,  I
would think the type of boat played little or no part in their

Isn't a Donzi the nautical equivalent of what motorcycle racers used
to call "cafe racer"?

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