Crew cuts, etc. (was RE:Crew...)

Crew cuts, etc. (was RE:Crew...)

Post by Andy Barnha » Wed, 04 Mar 1992 04:26:51

The exchange of barbs between the kayaker and the crew people (look
it up if you must, I'm not going to bother with repeating it), is
more than just silly, it's a real nuisance.

I get on this newgroup to learn about various paddling sports. I
personally have been a rafter (professionally and privately),
kayaker and canoist (whitewater and fla***er). In each sport, I
ran into a lot of good people, and some jerks. I certainly can't
generalize about any group being better or worse. I think that
learning a bit about the other boaters helps all concerned. It is
the continual harrasment of some groups by others that creates
unwanted friction on the rivers, lakes and seas in addition to this

I say welcome to the crew folks! Those that would like to do something
besides exchange info should peel out and form their own newsgroup
( ?).


Crew cuts, etc. (was RE:Crew...)

Post by MDD.. » Wed, 04 Mar 1992 06:27:12

Thank you...


Crew cuts, etc. (was RE:Crew...)

Post by Brian Johns » Wed, 04 Mar 1992 07:39:41

Say it like it is!  Anyone who paddles their own boat and is polite is
a friend of mine.

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Crew cuts, etc. (was RE:Crew...)

Post by Sebastian C Sea » Wed, 04 Mar 1992 09:46:30

        Quality statements by all under this heading. This almost the only
        newsgroup I read that is not totally ***d by flame-wars of no
        interest to anyone else. If you want to flame, that's what e-mail's
        for! (Or you can get the alt.flame newsgroup).

        Let's keep this group to the fun stuff... now if it would just get
        a littler warmer...

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