Experienced racer looking for crew position (foredeck)

Experienced racer looking for crew position (foredeck)

Post by Ross Wern » Fri, 29 May 1992 10:02:10

The skipper I have been crewing for is taking the summer off, so I'm  
looking for a crew position on a competitive boat in a challenging fleet  
in the Bay area.

The past three years I have been doing foredeck on an Express27 for almost  
every race of the season.  I've raced in every possible San Francisco Bay  
condition, from the light air mid-winters to the 30 kt plus summer  

I have also done foredeck on a very successful J-35, a Frers 36, and  
others.  I have long-distance and ocean racing experience.

I'm looking for a position on a J-35, Express27 or 37, or other  
competitive one-design or IMS boat.  Foredeck preferred, or other position  
where I can make an active contribution.  (i.e. no rail-meat)