Johnson 9.9 outboard shift-linkage question.

Johnson 9.9 outboard shift-linkage question.

Post by Dave Oswa » Sat, 11 May 1996 04:00:00

I have a 9.9 Johnson outboard made roughly in 1976.  It's only been
used on fresh water and is in suprisingly good condition.  However, I
am having one problem with it....

Lately I've found that it has a tendancy to slip out of gear when in
forward.  Looking it over I don't really see anywhere that I can
adjust the shift linkage.  Should I suspect the worst and tear apart
the entire lower unit?  Before putting the sailboat (with the motor)
on the water this year I changed the transmission and lower unit oil,
and the stuff that I drained out was very clean, so I really doubt
that I've got pulvarized gears or anything like that in there.

Any suggestions?  I really like the motor.  These Johnson's seem to
just run and run and run and run.