Bilge Pump behavior

Bilge Pump behavior

Post by Paul Fargeor » Fri, 10 Jun 1994 18:18:22

Bob Berman) writes:
>Whenever my bilge pumps run, they do a fine job of pumping
>out nearly all the water in the bilge, however when they
>shut off, some residual water drains back into the bilge from
>the drain hose. This little bit of water is enough to trigger
>the pump on again and this cycling continues forever. Does
>anyone have any suggestions on how to break this cyclic behavior?
>Is this normal operating procedure? It's my understanding that
>check valves in bilge outlet lines are not a good idea, so I'd
>like to avoid that route, if possible.

>One pump is float controlled and one is electronic, both are
>relatively new, but neither one seems to know when to quit.

>Thanks for any suggestions!!

One way to deal with this problem is to have two pumps.  One is a
serious, high volume pump for emergency use.  The second pump, should
be a MUCH smaller pump with a hose reduction to a very small diameter
hose.  Use the smaller pump for normal, non-emergency bilge pump out.
Because of the small diameter hose, there will be very little water to
flow back into the bilge when the pump shuts down.

This should not only solve your pump cycling problem, but is also
a great way to keep your bilge as dry as possible.