Chesapeake Bay Rec.Boat Get-together

Chesapeake Bay Rec.Boat Get-together

Post by Alan Howle » Thu, 25 Aug 1994 07:03:08

>Not to be outdone by our counterparts on the other coast, the first
>raftup for Chesapeake Bay rec.boaters and CBAY listers was held on
>easy.  Mondial wins the award of racing boat with the best equipment--
>we want to know if class rules allow 12volt blenders on J30s.  Mondial

As a frequent J-30 sailor(Valhalla) and class associate I can vouch for
the legality and m***obligation to have either a fridge or 12V blender
as long as neither is made of *** materials such as unobtanium or
ad-infinitum.  Also, there is a class provision allowing only one
new blender per season unless the old blender is "blown-out" and retired.
There is however, speculation on allowing an old "back-up" blender to be
carried on point-to-point distance races...
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Chesapeake Bay Rec.Boat Get-together

Post by Paul Kam » Thu, 25 Aug 1994 22:38:05

Seven boats! Not bad at all. Any photos? We want GIFs! And a transcript of
the cabin talk, please.

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