Building a small boat harbour

Building a small boat harbour

Post by Marius Lubb » Sat, 01 Dec 2001 15:13:31

Dear Friends in dreaming of tranquil waters and such,

I am looking for a "how to" on building a small harbour in a river. The
Harbour would be a simple stone or concrete construction, and house 2 or
three boats. I think one would be looking at 20mX 20m (or 65 foot by 65

Any info would be greatly appreciated!



Building a small boat harbour

Post by Stev » Sun, 02 Dec 2001 04:52:15

Where I come from, rivers are public waterways and you can't put anything
into them with out the permission for the Dept. of Natural Resources or Army
Corp of Engineers.

My experience, for what it's worth.

s/v Good Intentions