Cap'n Ron says the fishing is looking up!

Cap'n Ron says the fishing is looking up!

Post by Larr » Mon, 11 May 2009 01:32:20

Anybody hungry, yet?

I bet if I went down to Ashley Marina, tonight about dinner time, I could
wheedle some chow out of Cap'n Ron's stern grill....hmm.....

Grilled, Red Snapper
with Lemon / Honey Vinaigrette
Sure wish he hadn't put this up on his website....
When's lunch?!

I found a trick that works....Show up at his boat with a big package of rib
eye steaks and a box of Newcastle Ale and ask him if I can borrow his stern

Mowin' the lawn can wait another few days.......Ah see you boys latah....


What?  YOUR dock doesn't have a personal chef living in an old cabin
cruiser?!  How awful!