not too funny

not too funny

Post by Urin Asshol » Sat, 13 Apr 2013 06:05:07



>>>>>> Yeah, you're an ignorant racist fool. Not that funny, more like sad.

>>>>>    What's racist about pictures of people who want to destroy America?
>>>>>                                           Mikek

>>>> If you can't figure out why what you posted is both anti-American and
>>>> racist, then you've joined the other batshit crazies.

>>>    As you know Obama wants to fundamentally change America.
>>> Many of us don't want America fundamentally changed.
>>>   Our constitution, limiting government and capitalism built
>>> the greatest economic power on earth in a short *150 years.
>>>   Why would anyone want to fundamentally change (destroy) that.

>>>                                   Mikek

>>> * China has a 5000 year history and they are just now figuring
>>> it out, with our money.

>> As we all know, you're a ***ing racist moron.

>   You're funny. Powerless, but funny.
>             Mikek

You are funny... as in peculiar.