BOAT/U.S. Newswire: Earth Day Message

BOAT/U.S. Newswire: Earth Day Message

Post by BOAT » Thu, 14 Apr 1994 21:51:01

From the BOAT/U.S. Newswire, 4/13/94: Simple Steps For Cleaner Air And
Waterways: An Earth Day Message From BOAT/U.S.
April 22 is Earth Day. If you're a boat owner, a good way to observe it is to
do your part to reduce pollutants that end up in our air and waters, advises
485,000-member BOAT/U.S. (Boat Owners Association of The United States), the
nation's largest organization of recreational boaters. Here's what you can do:
*Run a cleaner enginer by keeping it tuned to the manufacturer's
specifications, using the right size propeller and proper octane fuel, and by
operating at speeds within your engine's most efficient range. This will help
reduce underwater exhaust emissions from boat engines which can go into the air
or remain suspended in the water. * At the dock, clean your deck and hull with
products that are less toxic and biodegradable. Environmentally safer boat
cleaning products are widely available at marine supply stores and cost about
the same as products containing harmful acids, oils, phosphates and solvents. *
Stow it, don't throw it. Keep all trash on board and dispose of it properly on
shore. Floating trash not only looks bad, it can harm wildlife. Be sure all
fishing lines return to port with you. * Never discharge oil, gas or coolant
into the water. Recycle waste oil and use an oil-soaking pillow in the bilge to
catch leaks and prevent spills. Just one spilled quart of oil can cover three
football fields of water surface in no time. * Watch your wake. Excessive boat
speed causes wakes that contribute to shoreline erosion.

BOAT/U.S. Newswire: Earth Day Message

Post by Fabbian G. Dufoe, I » Fri, 15 Apr 1994 22:52:27

>From the BOAT/U.S. Newswire, 4/13/94: Simple Steps For Cleaner Air And
>Waterways: An Earth Day Message From BOAT/U.S.

        Is anyone else getting tired of all the BOAT/US posts?  It's fine
if the organization wants to make their resources available to the net,
but I'm not thrilled about their using the net as a PR publishing organ.

        If I'm all by myself on this one, forget I said anything.  On the
other hand, if you'd like to see them cut back a little on their traffic
it might help to let them know.

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