wood and glass hull

wood and glass hull

Post by Arnold Sho » Tue, 03 May 1994 08:42:27

I'll certainly defer to the specialists on this subject, but I
understand that wood's "needing to breathe" is BS.  Modern contruction
methods using wood include saturating it with epoxy.

Probably the most dangerous thing is the enclosing of rot-causing fungi,
etc.  If there's no sign of that having happened, then one would conclude
that the boat was properly prepared.  Enjoy it, but I'd recommend keeping
a weather eye out for anything that might break the barrier.
Fair winds.



wood and glass hull

Post by Mark Rober » Fri, 06 May 1994 05:14:54


>I have a 1955 wood hull that was glassed inside and out some time in the 70s.
>I had it out last year to sand the hull and do the usual bottom stuff. Both
>inside and out are doing fine and the hull looks great. Structurally it seemes
>to be doing quite well and I can assure you I crawled every bit of it. ANyway,
>I know that wood has to breath, or, at least, traditional thinking goes that
>way, but, based on my admittedly limited experience ( one boat) glass on wood
>seems to work fine both inside and out.

You are absolutly correct ... as long as absolutly no moisture gets to the
wood between the fiberglass layers.  That means not drilling any holes,
being careful not to ding or crack the glass and keeping the fiberglass
in perfect condition.  Not practical for a 'working' boat.

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