yacht design book suppliers in the UK ?

yacht design book suppliers in the UK ?

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> I'm looking for a chance to get my hands on books on yacht and small
> craft design published in the United Kingdom.
> Is there anybody out there who knows of a bookshop or booksupplier
> who handles the titles published by Adlard Coles, Conway Maritime
> Press etc. and who does business by mail order (payment by credit card).
> I have a preference for an outfit in the United Kingdom to keep
> postage cost down.
> Anyone ?

> Greetings,


We are a stockist of books by Conway Maritime Press, Waine Research
Publications,Terence Dalton, Brown, Son and Ferguson and Arms and Armour Press.
We take all the usual Credit credit cards and mail order, worldwide, is no problem.

Our stock is restricted to titles related to ship modelling and history,  so for a supplier
dealing specifically with books on full size wooden boat construction and design, try  
Dalton Young Associates, Apple Trees House, Water Lane, Golant, Fowey, Cornwall,
PL23 1LF England Phone +44 1726 833 688  Fax: +44 1726 833020.

Nick Tonkin


Cornwall, TR1 1NN
England                                  Phone & Fax: +44 (0)1872 222120  
Our  ascii text  e-mail catalogue is available on request.


yacht design book suppliers in the UK ?

Post by A. E. Siegm » Mon, 17 Apr 1995 04:00:00

     I need a light-weight trailer, highway-capable but just barely, for
hauling a Laser (14', 140 lbs) short distances locally.  Suggestions?
(I've heard of something called a "Li'l Dude"...?)