NRA Specials

NRA Specials

Post by iBoatere » Mon, 15 Apr 2013 00:38:53



> If you have followed Harry's modus operandi  over the years, then you
> will have noticed that he seeks out those who seem to have a soft spot
> somewhere in their psychological make up or back ground.   He will
> then chip away at that spot trying to force some sort of emotional
> blow up.  This is a form of bullying of course which Harry seems to
> find amusing for some reason.   It would be all too easy to compile a
> list of some of his past victims that he has driven from this group.
> Mr Hypocrite himself, drooling over with false concern for the down
> trodden of the world, getting his jollies by trying to push people
> over the edge.  It's pretty sick behavior and typical for a sociopath.
> When no one seems to be rising to the bait, Harry will invent a new
> sock puppet or invite a few "friends" over from some other group.  The
> antidote for all this is to just cut him off and ignore the sock
> puppets when they becme known.

Cool story, bro!