canoe route request in W. Que. or E. Ont.

canoe route request in W. Que. or E. Ont.

Post by Chris Cheni » Wed, 10 Mar 1993 06:30:09

1st post here, so tell me if I don't belong.
        I'll be going on a canoe trip with about 8-10 people in May (long  
weekend: 2 1/2 days of canoing).  Some of the canoeist have little  
experience (lakes only).  We're all in good shape.
        We're looking for a lake/river run with some R I.  R II would be  
too much for some people in the group.  We don't need a round trip, but if  
end and start were close, it would help.  It would also be nice (but not  
necessary) if we could rend canoes there (otherwise we can get them localy  
and transport them there).
        I was thinkin of about 35-40 Km for the whole trip (not much, I  
know, but as I said, some people are inexperienced.)  I guess they want to  
do about 5 hours of canoe per day (I would prefer 10, but I'm not alone).
        We don't want to travel TOO much.  We're from Hull (Ottawa).  
We're considering LaVerendrye park, Papineau Labelle park, Mauricie park  
(kind of far but I hear it's nice) and Algonquin park (by looking on my  
map it seems like canoe trips in Algonquin are more like hiking trips ie.  
long portages).  BTW we don't like portages (but a few of 300m is OK).  It  
doesn't have to be in a park.
        We would rather not meet any people, roads, bridges, ... on the  
way.  We like to be FAR from everything.  (And we don't leave garbage  
behind -- like too many people do -- so you can reveal your secret place.  
We won't trash it.)
        I would appreciate hearing about some specific routes.  

        If you mail, I'll post a sumary.

PS. if you know of any longer trips with R I and R II, I'd appreciate it  
for other trips with more experienced people.

Chris Chenier            

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