Rack Storage vs. Well (was Re: Hull paint)

Rack Storage vs. Well (was Re: Hull paint)

Post by Brian Bunch - Sun SSE - Detroi » Wed, 26 May 1993 23:23:58

Hello Greg,

A friend of mine keeps his 30' Scarab racked at a place in Wyandotte called
Michigan Marine (I believe that's its name, I know the Michigan part is right)
which is directly South of the Wyandotte Municipal Launch.  30' is about as
large as they can handle, as he tells me that it's pretty tight manuvering
the boat on the forklift.  Other than that, he's been pretty happy with their
service.  One thing that he doesn't care for, and this is something to
consider, is that Michigan Marine doesn't doesn't have wells for temporary
dockage (ie. coming in after hours, stopping off to pick up friends, or just
kicking back and relaxing before or after a day on the water).  I view this
as an important feature in rack storage.

A few friends from the Mich. Offshore Crusing Assoc. rack at Humbug Marina in
Gibraltar across from Gross Ile also has rack facilities, but I have never seen them.  
Humbug is a pretty good size place, so I have to believe there are guest
wells to use.  

For larger than 30-32' boats, there is really only one place downriver to
rack a boat, and it's *way* downriver.  Toledo Beach Marina has the
capabilities to rack anything.  They have two 42' Wellcraft Eagles, numerous
38' offshores, and there are people that rack 30' cruisers there.  

I saw at this years boat show that there is a new place near where I-275
and I-75 meet (Rockport?) that is building a full service marina with rack
storage, wells, condos, and the whole bit.  I can't remember their name.

Figure on about the same cost as renting a slip for the year for your
particular size boat, or maybe slightly cheaper.  But the difference in
resale value after 5 years in a rack vs. 5 years worth of zebra mussels
will practically pay for it's cost.

Safe Boating!



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>     I saw your reply about my hull painting question.  I do 90% of
>my boating in the same waters that you spoke of. (I was raised in
>Grosse Ile).  Since you are fimilar with the area do you rack store
>your boat downriver ?.  I have yet to check with any of the storage
>areas around here.  I know that there is a least one or two places in
>Wyandotte that offer rack storage but I am not educated on how the
>they work.  I have always kept my boats in the water at my parents
>house. The price is right (free) ;-).  I checked with a local dock
>builder and they wanted a little too much for a lift to be installed
>at their house.  The price for that came in at over 7000.00 or so.
>And since I just purchased a "new" boat there arent enough funds left
>this year for a lift.  Thanks for the info. and maybe we will see you
>out in the Bay.
>                 --Greg--


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