This is discrimination and also stupid!

This is discrimination and also stupid!

Post by Urin Asshol » Tue, 09 Apr 2013 02:31:49


>> >> >> >> >

>> >> >> >> >It's a damned shame our country has come to this.

>> >> >> >> She needs to wake up. She has plenty of opportunities at other
>> >> >> >> colleges and will get as good an education elsewhere.

>> >> >> >The value of an Ivy League degree is erroding with each and every year that passes.

>> >> >> And you know this how? Not by personal experience of that I'm sure.

>> >> >Yes, by personal experience.

>> >> You don't know shit. Did you even go to college? Doubtful.

>> >Yes, I went to college.

>> Sorry. I was imprecise. Did you actually attend a college or did you
>> just go to one? I suspect if you did attend, it wasn't an ivy league
>> school, since there's nothing in your posts that indicate you have a
>> college education and that's pretty much guaranteed at an ivy league.

>Yes, I attended college.

Good for you. Did you graduate? If so, what was the degree? Did you
use your degree or did you throw it in the trash?