Help on Flight building wanted

Help on Flight building wanted

Post by NvL » Sat, 30 Nov 2002 22:00:41

Hello boatbuilders,

I am looking for some help.
I want to build a boat named "Flight".
It's on old boat which i have seen on the internet. Follow the link below to
see it for yourself

There are some buildingdrawings on the artikel but they are to technical for
Is there someone who has better drawings on this boat? Or any other
information on this boat.
I'am willing to pay for better drawings but not to much.
Hope to here from you, thanks in advance.


Help on Flight building wanted

Post by Carr » Sat, 30 Nov 2002 23:37:23

Flight is such a beauty. I hope you do build her and post a webpage.

As for building instructions, well, youi are in swampy ground, as the methods
for traditional boatbuilding varied with each builder and much was left to the
initiative of the builder on the plans; even plans as recent as those for

Here is what I believe will solve your problems; reading from contemporaneous
literature. Get a copy of Glen L Witt's book about building plywood boats. If
it isn't available on the Glen-L site, there are thousands of used copies
around. It gives a very broad overview of techniques and will answer most of
your questions.

After you've digested that, read Howard Chapelle's Boatbuilding. This book goes
through the complete process of building in the older tradition, before the
common acceptance of plywood as a planking material. It will teach you
everything from wood selection, through lofting and building a planked hull.
This book will answer your problems about setup, framing, etc which is lightly
treated by Glen-L.

The plans for flight are designed for building without lofting; no plywood boat
plan back then had a chance of publication if it required lofting. However,
lofting is such an easy and low-time procedure and it will really give you a
much better product, I'd seriously advise your lofting Flight. It will give you
much more accurate framing, stem, frame bevels, transom, etc.

Even if you choose not to loft, I'll bet that you'll have a great little sedan



Help on Flight building wanted

Post by Rufu » Sun, 01 Dec 2002 16:24:43

One additional reference here in case you haven't see it yet:

No direct info here, but related material:

Design resource, but no referenct to Flight:

The efforts of many (some of whom look familiar):

Strange there is nothing else out there. Who designed the boat? Or
perhaps more like, whose design was lifted and reduced for packaging as
a kit for the masses?


Help on Flight building wanted

Post by Dave » Fri, 06 Dec 2002 11:54:59

Check out "Sea Gal."  I think I know here.


> One additional reference here in case you haven't see it yet: