'98 World's To Kimberly

'98 World's To Kimberly

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1998 ISC World Tournament awarded to Kimberly

By Bob Tomlinson - Publisher, The Fastpitch Chronicle

Men's fastpitch fans planning on taking in the 1998 ISC World
should mark their calendars for the second Friday of August and make
plans to
travel to Kimberly, Wisconsin to watch the crown jewel of all men's

In a telephone interview with ISC Executive Director Milt Stark, The
Fastpitch Chronicle learned on October 22nd that the ISC Board of
had voted heavily in favor of returning to Kimberly in 1998.

Halifax, Nova Scotia was the other city bidding on the tournament and
actually had a financial package much higer than Kimberly but the ISC
commissioners chose to return to Kimberly.

"In this situation, there is not better place to go," stated Stark.
"Everything is in place in Kimberly," he added. "They do not have to
put in
special requests to reserve their diamonds two years in advance. Their
network of volunteers are organized and and their leadership is very

Halifax had submitted a bid that guaranteed the traveling teams
$60,000 (U.S)
30 days in advance of the tournament. That money would have been given
to the
ISC for distribution. In addition to the $60,000 guarantee, Halifax
guaranteed 30% of the gate to the traveling teams and if that amount
was more
than the $60,000, the extra would have been distributed following the
tournament. The ISC was also guarantee $44,000 for their portion of
the bid.

Kimberly's bid does not include any team expense or travel money.

"It's the first time in the 52 year history of the ISC world
tournament that
the teams are not guaranteed expense money of any kind," stated Stark.

But don't let the figures mislead you. Most of the teams that travel
to the
ISC world tournament are within driving distance of Kimberly,
Wisconsin. Even
if divided equally, the $60,000 up front money would not have made up
for the
money difference between flying to Halifax or driving to Kimberly. In
long run, the Kimberly bid with no team expense money, will be as
friendly or more than a trip to Halifax would have been.

Kimberly is the site of the ISC Hall of Fame and has hosted the
more times than any city other than Rock Island, Illinois and that
city never
hosted a 48-team field as Kimberly has.

Crowds in Halifax, according to local fans in that area, would have
been huge
but history reveals that huge crowds also flock to Sunset Park in

For more information on this story - check out the Fastpitch Chronicle
newspaper. A complete story will be published in the November issue.