Bottom 10 Rankings

Bottom 10 Rankings

Post by Vince Den » Thu, 18 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Might as well do this. The quality of play in the Gold Division has been
pretty awful. Any number of A teams would whip these so-called premier
teams. Based only on what I've seen and coaching weighed heavily (coaches
lose games ~ see 14-U results if you don't believe me).

 1. Sacramento Breeze
 2. San Jose Ice
 3. Merced Bandits
 4. NC Storm
 5. California Breeze
 6. California Lancers
 7. San Diego Power
 8. San Jose Lady Sharks
 9. California Thunder
10. AZ Ramblers

If you have anyone to add, let me know. Like I said, I haven't seen
everyone, just the ones here.

Top 10
 1. Dale's Panthers
 2. Batbusters
 3. Larry's Panthers
 4. Fresno Force
 5. Lil Saints
 6. Texas Force
 7. Hot Stuff
 8. Cruisers
 9. Athletics
 9. Tremors
10. Choppers

Maybe Lightning, Grapettes, Waves, haven't seen them. Have seen Stealth,
but everyone on Top 10 qualified by finishing No.1 or 2. Unless Stealth
qualified out-of-state. I dunno.