Happy Birthday to Rec.Sport.Softball

Happy Birthday to Rec.Sport.Softball

Post by Vince Den » Thu, 02 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I want to wish all those who subscribe to rec.sport.softball a Happy New
Year and Happy Birthday. R.S.S. was created on Jan. 3, 1996.

We have had quite a good time here, all free, all unbridled, all
unmoderated, all uncensored. I believe 1997 will provide more fuel for
those who wish to comment as they please on the state of the game of
softball, be it slow, fast, women's, men's.

I'll post later on the tribble-ations of creating this news group. I feel I
was directly involved and the newbies should know what it took to create
this freedom of information group.

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday!!!!

Vince, the rec.sport.softball unmoderator.

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