FS: Pro Softball

FS: Pro Softball

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Softball lovers read on...

I have copies of the following for sale.  Please email if
you have questions or comments.

PRO SOFTBALL : The Official Publication of the
American Professional SLO-PITCH LEAGUE
1st Issue: Volume 1, Number 1, June 1977.

Teams at the time of publication were:

Eastern Division:
Baltimore Monumnets
New Jersey Statesmen - Trenton
New York Clippers - Long Island
Pittsburgh Hardhats

Central Division:
        Cincinnati Suds
        Cleveland Jaybirds
Columbus All Americans
Kentucky Bourbons - Louisville (hometown team!!!)

Midwest Division
Chicago Storm
Detroit Caesers
Milwaukee Copper Hearth
Minnesota Goofy's - Minneapolis

It has many photos.  Major articles include:

Birth of the League
Softball: Nearly 90 Years America's Most Popular Sport
National Events Calendar
Confessions of a Softball Widow
Personality: Ambassador of Softball: 'Bill Cappel'"
Glove-Making::An Art
The Baltimore Monuments;  3 pages w/photos
New Jersey Statesmen; 2 pages w/photos
New York Clippers; 2 pages w/photos
Pittsburgh Hardhats; 3 pages w/photos
Cincinnati Suds; 3 pages w/photos
Cleveland Jaybirds; 3 pages w/photos
Columbus All Americans ; 2 pages w/photos
Kentucky Bourbons; 4 pages w/photos
Chicago Storm; 3 pages w/photos
Detroit Caesers; 4 pages w/photos
Milwaukee Copper Hearth; 4 pages w/photos
Minnesota Goofy's ; 3 pages w/photos
Other minor articles, features, etc.

The cover price was $2.00.  We are asking $1.75 each.  Shipping
will be at exact cost plus insurance.  There are NO HANDLING
CHARGES!  I prefer priority shipping but if you prefer another
method (like book rate), we can arrange for that.  Please
email me for details, questions, etc.
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