Women's Professional Fastpitch league

Women's Professional Fastpitch league

Post by Vince Den » Tue, 24 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Today I tried to call the WPF to verify the following rumors:

1. The league has backed down on its "extensive research" and has gone back
to college rules of 60-foot basepaths and 43-foot pitching distance. Why?

2. The league has stepped out of California and instead has awarded three
franchises to the Southeast USA, so Sacramento, Palmdale and Ontario, CA,
will have no pro teams. In fact, there will be NO pro teams in CA. Why?

The phone number 1-800-WPF-3009 only is an answering machine, thus I could
not verify these two questions. immediately, and I have no confidence that
they will return the message. The phone is in Minneapolis, MN.

What is up with the WPF?

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