Gold Division: Should it resemble college ball?-NO

Gold Division: Should it resemble college ball?-NO

Post by Bill Smit » Sat, 13 Jan 1996 04:00:00


>The changes the NCAA and NJCAA made to college softball aren't bad,
>rabbit ball and 43-foot pitching distance. It opens the game up just
>enough to keep it from being boring.

Here I would agree with Vince, the NCAA changes have been an improvement
to the action and appeal of the game.

>Should the ASA Gold Division take a step this direction? ASA should,
>in my opinion, do something to set apart Gold from 18-A. Right now,
>there are good and bad teams in both divisions, many A teams would be
>good Gold teams.

I think the ASA, as NGB for softball should continue to model their
entire program after the Olympic Rules. This would include Women's and
18U Gold and 18UA. I think the problem of differentiating Gold and A will
come through time and a uniform criteria. It already exists with Mens and
Womens Major, A,B, & C.

>If ASA sees fit to classify 31 pitchers as Gold, why not make them
>pitch from the 43-foot distance in Gold tournaments? If they haven't
>thrown from that distance yet, they most certainly will eventually.

Since Olympics is 40' 18U Gold SB 40'

>Another question, why doesn't ASA have enough sponsor support to put
>up portable fences and hang sponsors' banners? I don't like seeing
>outfielders running a mile for a ball. I'd rather see the ball put out

Since I saw the Nationals on TV being played in a complex with permanent
fences, I'll assume this refers to Regional play. If it does, then the
answer is that ASA doesn't run the fields, they only host the
tournaments. The local travel team or league actually arranges the
fields, and they usually do it to raise money. Since the regionals are
so short (2 1/2 days) with so many teams (48) there are a lot of fields
required, and I think that requiring a fence would make it impossiple to
find a site.


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