As the Gold Turns (revamped points)

As the Gold Turns (revamped points)

Post by Vince Den » Sun, 23 Jun 1996 04:00:00

The following is a letter from SoCal JO commissioner Floyd Lewis to the coaches
in our area:

Date: June 19, 1996
To: Gold Managers, California and Arizona
From: Floyd Lewis, JO Commissioner, Southern California ASA
Subject: National Fill-in Points

On this date, the ASA National Office has issued a revision concerning their
interpretation on the distribution of National fill-in points at National
Qualifiers where teams that are previously qualified participate. This new
interpretation is in response to the results of the National Qualifiers held in
Cypress and Las Vegas and was obtained through discussions with David Hunicutt,
JO Metro Fort Worth, who wrote the legislation concerning the fill in points.

According to the interpretation, if a previously qualified team finishes in
second through fourth position, the teams finishing below this qualified team
will be moved up in the standings as far as the distribution of fill-in points
is concerned. This move up procedure does not apply to qualified teams that
finish in a position where more than one team earns points (i.e., fifth,
seventh, ninth, etc.).

As a result, the team that finished third in Cypress (Stealth) will be awarded
second-place points, the Pirettes third place, the Athletics and Sharks fourth,
the Cruisers and Lightning fifth, the teams listed as ninth will receive
seventh-place points and those listed as 13th place will receive ninth-place
points. The same will hold true for the Vegas tournament. The Athletics will
receive second-place points and everyone will move up accordingly.

This memo has been distributed at the request of the National Office. Questions
may be addressed to me (Floyd Lewis), the National Tournament Director, Don
Smiley, or the National Office.

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