Men's Fast pitch

Men's Fast pitch

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A short while ago, someone inquired about men's fast pitch in San Diego.
I am sorry that it took me so long to respond but I needed to speak with
my father-in-law to ask him a few questions.  There is an ASA men's
program playing in San Diego - about twelve teams.  If you want
information on them, you can call (619) 533-6733.  Address:  World Trade
Center, San Diego Park & Recreation Department, Sports Office, 1250 - 6th
Avenue, San Diego, CA  92101.  If you call, as for Mona Majimy.  

My father-in-laws team is dual registered with SMAF, the Southern
California Municiple Athletic Federation, and ASA.  If I understood
correctly, there are several Men's Open teams available each season.  My
father-in-law's home field is Presidio Park.  

I asked him about the men's San Diego competition and he said that the
teams were not All-Stars but good competition.  He said that if
any team visiting wanted to play a game in San Diego, a very good team
could be put together from the twelve teams.  My father-in-law has taken
many teams to New Zealand to play in the 40 and Up Evergreen tournament
and his team has never lost a game in all the years that he has gone. I
attended one of the Evergreen tournaments and for the New Zealand men to
qualify for the Evergreen Tournament teams, they have to have played on
the New Zealand National team at some time.  They were really good.  Very
impressive and really funny guys too. It was fun watching them play.  
They certainly keep the "fun" in the game. (P.S. from Patrick: Vince they
love to drink lots of beer).    

He also agrees with all of you in that New Zealand is the team to beat
although the USA team is not bad.  They have not lost to New Zealand yet.
But then, you guys probably know more about that.

About boy's teams, I am surprised that some of the states East of the
Mississippi have not jumped on this topic.  My son went to ASA Boys
National's two times (ranked #3 one year and #5 another) and they faced
some tough competition.  I recall the team from Wisconsin was excellent
and huge in comparison to our 14U team. In San Diego, the Lakeside-Santee
ASA group had a very competitive boy's program when my son played.  There
was also another team in Westminster coached by Tony Aguilar, I think.  
Strong team.  Most of the successful boy's teams played baseball and
softball FP back then.  My son's last year, we heard that the Rancho
Cucamonga League was starting up a boy's FP program.  What became of
these programs I do not know.  The boy's Lakeside-Santee League is not
the powerhouse program it used to be, from what I have heard.

For your information, there is going to be a charity FP game in San Diego
at Presidio Park.  It is scheduled for Wednesday, November 19, 8PM.  The
Joker & 4 Aces (my father-in-law) and his team will play the Barona
"Swarm."  The Swarm is a flag football team that has won their National
event two years straight now.  Most of these young athletes play softball
FP too.  It will probably be a good game.