Best summer tournaments

Best summer tournaments

Post by Ray Wo » Thu, 11 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Wilson Sporting Goods did a survey of college coaches.  Their pick
of the best summer tournaments:

1.  Firecracker--Boulder, CO
2.  ASA Nationals
3.  Hall of Fame Tournament
4.  AFA Nationals



Best summer tournaments

Post by Al Dor » Wed, 17 Jan 1996 04:00:00


>>Wilson Sporting Goods did a survey of college coaches.  Their pick
>>of the best summer tournaments:
>>1.  Firecracker--Boulder, CO
>>2.  ASA Nationals
>>3.  Hall of Fame Tournament
>>4.  AFA Nationals
>You forgot one. CANADA CUP WOMEN'S MAJOR. Al Doran and those other
>"dot"CA people should comment. I guess stands were packed with 12,000
>people for many of the games and wagering on the teams was rampant, as
>were the fans. I hear this is the best tournament...

Thanks for the plug Vince!

This IS going to be a great summer for FP Softball.
Although I think Ray's original post on Best summer tournaments was
probably inteded to be girls fastpitch, the overall topic is a very
interesting one.  Many of us on r.s.s. have been announcing our own
tournaments coming up and we will soon see lots more as details are
worked out.

Maybe we can keep this thread going by predicting what the best
tournament overall will be this summer, based on whaterver criteria is
important to YOU, the fan.  Let me share my criteria:
1. have attended the tournament in the past and/or have heard lots
about it.
2. have heard some of the promo for the event for this year.

If anyone found the time to read some of the material I wrote last
summer while travelling the country, you will already know I rate the
tournaments on the overall package in the park, the quality of the
ball, spirit of the teams, local support for the event, etc.  I still
get the odd kudo from a fan who has found some of my old stuff on
Slugger's Softball page or Fastpitch Forum, making it all worthwhile.

I will make a few quick predictions now, see what kind of reaction it
gets, and hopefully we get this string really going, with apologies to
Ray for butting in on his posting,,,,,, but he did say "Best summer

My Prediction for best summer tournaments... men's fastpitch.
1. the Perth Shootout.... one of a kind event... will have Team Canada
and Team Australia, The North Americans (all native team... Straight
Arrow Program), Toronto Gators, etc.... this is what a fastpitch
tournament is all about.  You will hear more on this, soon.
2. ISF's... held every 4th year, ... this year in Midland Michigan,
one of the nicest places and the best park ever for FP.  Teams from
all over the world.... Jul 5-13.... watch for more.
3. Canadians!  Waterloo Ontario, this August.  I am posting this one
tonight later on the Fastpitch Forum.  Great town, great park ....
Hillside Park,..... a real keeper.... and tickets are on sale now.....
stay tuned.

I have been to all of the above places, had fun, and hear that the
line up of talent for this year is even better.... so those are my
predictions so far, but I will have more.  I am also looking fwd to
taking in some of the women's tournaments and championships but will
need your help here.

Over to you fans!

"At the Ball Park"
Al Doran