Wow! Re: ASA Meeting

Wow! Re: ASA Meeting

Post by striketh.. » Thu, 16 Nov 2000 11:14:06

Bob, and anyone else who may know, can you clarify a few things for us?
When you say "top 5 organizations," do you mean regions? And do you mean
to say "top 5 get three (more)? Do you know who will reap the most
benefits from this? Also, of all the reactions I am reading, I can't
believe no one has jumped on the National Qualifiers becoming
championship play yet. That is big. No longer will it be rosters locked
after 24 hours prior to Metro play. And the pitching distance for 12's
is going to hurt the moving up teams, but will be a real advantage to
those second year 12's. Advantage back to the hitters and all that.
Travel permits were stupid, glad to see those go. Will we still need to
carry ID's for the kids? I think that is an airline thing. With
Travelball out of business (and we will all miss it dearly) where is the
most comprehensive tournament information going to be obtained? They did
such a great job that we used them almost exclusively. We are
particularly interested in those National Qualifiers, where they are
going to be and when. Thanks for all your help, Bob. We have been able
to alert our coaches and will begin to plan for these changes because of
this timely information.

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Wow! Re: ASA Meeting

Post by Pobo » Thu, 16 Nov 2000 13:58:00

>When you say "top 5 organizations," do you mean regions? And do you mean
>to say "top 5 get three (more)?'s top 5 associations....that includes both state and metro

and not 3 more.....I posted the list...and...for instance...Socal would get
three berths that they could utilize at their state championship, they will
also be capable of competing at a National or Regional qualifier.

>Do you know who will reap the most
>benefits from this?

Those with the most registrations: WIN