Post by Tim Ada » Sat, 13 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Dear Fastpitch Friends:

The Usenet people said that once in awhile it will become necessary to remind everyone
what was charterd to go on our news group.  After reading some of the posts lately here is
our charter.

CHARTER: will be dedicated and devoted to the discussion of
all aspects of the game of softball in all of it s forms.  The
following list includ possiible discussion topics or news topics,
these should not be considered all-inclusive.

+ Amateur Softball Association News
+ Tournament Information (Geographical)
+ Updates on Slowpitch and Fastpitch teams
+ Tryout Information for Players
+ Coaching Aspects for Slowpitch and Fastpitch
+ College Fastpitch Updates
+ Game Strategies
+ High School Softball
+ Travel Team Softball (all divisions)
+ Player Profiles

Any participant in the game of softball whether player, coach, parent
or fan are welcome to post on any of the related topics mentioned
above.  Mentioning products or services related to the game of
softball is acceptable but soliciting business through this
is more appropriate through private e-mail.

Tim Adams-proponent