Gold division and Calif problems

Gold division and Calif problems

Post by Jim Cha » Fri, 23 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Here is a humble view from Ohio...
I know of ZERO gold teams in Ohio. Nor am I aware of any gold tournaments
within any reasonable travelling distance. It doesn't make any sense to
'REQUIRE' (ie Force those who don't want to) each district to send a GOLD
representative to gold nationals because 1. We have few if any GOLD tourneys
to get to gear up to that level of competition. 2. We would not be
competitive at the nationals at that level. 3. Why would any body want to
face an opponent who doesn't want nor deserve to be playing at that highest
of levels. (I know how useless it is to face roster teams thrown into local

I don't know all the problems with the current situation regarding Ca teams
and the ASA gold policies. I do think it gives an opportunity for more CA
kids to play at an ASA national tournament somewhere (16 year olds with 18
year old teams, 14s with 16s etc), and that has to be positive. If things
can't be worked out with the gold division, it seems to make more sense to
do away with that division altogether than to force teams who can't be
competitive there to play in it. It doesn't do the girls (or have we
forgotten about them) from ANYWHERE any good!!

Our team is only 16U right now, but we have been very successful over the
last few years and would expect to be one of the top teams in the state over
the 18U years. We hate the prospect, right now, of going to 16U ASA
nationals 3000 miles from home, possibly  going 0-2 and have a quick return
flight to Ohio. I guarantee that if that 'possibility' of going 0-2
downgrades to a 'probability' because of being forced to go gold, we would
tell ASA "SEE YA!"

Jim Chain
Sports Stop 16U