Don't you just love it when they...

Don't you just love it when they...

Post by Ray Schroed » Sat, 27 Jul 1996 04:00:00

For our 14u girls, the big game of the year.  Playing for first in the
22-team Springfield tournament.  Down 8 to 4 going into the 7th.  It had
been a tough game.... our 2nd baseman hit a homer deep, deep left center
(there are no fences, so it rolls forever) with two on...  everyone
scores and in the dugout, THEN, the ump waves his arms and says she
stepped out of the box on the swing... batter out, runners back to the
bases.  (Of course, this comes after coaching from the other dugout).
We coaches get a little burned and are warned by the ump.

Anyway, top of the 7th ... our manager tells the girls, "hold your heads
high... it is no shame to lose to this team."  This riles the girls who
believe that anything is possible.  So, the middle and bottom of the
order goes on a tear, each one ripping the first or second pitch for
half a dozen hits... eventually scoring five runs... winning the
Springfield tournament title game 9-8.

It's the kind of game that builds confidence and character.  It will be
a couple years, at least, before these girls forget that you *can* come
back, that *all* the team contributes (top and bottom of order), and
that at least half of this game is played with your *mind and heart*
rather than your hands and feet.