NCAA rankings and UT-C softball

NCAA rankings and UT-C softball

Post by X240 » Tue, 25 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I was wondering if anyone could tell me who votes for the top 25.  Is it
coaches, sports writers, AD's?  That answer might also explain why the
University of Tenn-Chat softball team is not even receiving votes.  True,
they may not play in the toughest league in the country, but they have not
been blown out by anyone, have played really well against teams in
tournaments, and in general are playing very solid softball right now.
So, if you are a voter, take a look at UTC, you might be surprised at what
you see.

Softball Mike


NCAA rankings and UT-C softball

Post by MWB51 » Thu, 27 Mar 1997 04:00:00

"The fact that your sister is an assistant coach there does not merit a
for Top 25."

Well, you did make a correct statement, except for the fact that I did not
post the original message.  I have never had a problem with coming out and
supporting Jennifer and everything she does, so why would you think that a
different name would be me?  I do agree with the person who posted that
message though.  The Lady Mocs have been playing great ball lately.
Granted, they don't play many west coast teams, but why should they?  They
are a east coast team and have not had any major problems so far.  They
lost to Fullerton, but only by a score of 7-3, and they were leading for
most of the game.  Another loss was an extra inning game, that with a few
different bounces they could have won.  Their pitching staff is coming
along, and they are playing really solid ball.  Do I think they should get
some votes......yes.  Does it have to do with Jennifer being the assistant
coach?   Yes, but only because if she was not there I would not hear
anything about their program.

NOT softball Mike

Go #32


NCAA rankings and UT-C softball

Post by deblaub.. » Mon, 07 Apr 1997 05:00:00

Hi Everybody.  Well, it seems that word wrap is my word ***problem.  As I requested and because many of you care so deeply, I received many-an-eMail about the word wrap sitch.

I will be looking into an ISP/Netscape ASAP.  Question: what is the best way to find and actually obtain this (or a similar ISP) service?  Which services will offer off-line reading and good eMail
software for a computer gal who knows so little about same?  Thanks a million for your patience.


P.S.-  shown below is some of the word wrap problems that I view on AOL from other folks, so please don't think it is only me!!!!!!  And he is apparantly a non-AOL person.  ;-)


>Subject:    Re: The N.A.P.B.L. manual
>Date:       23 Mar 1997 18:38:48 GMT

>> HELP! I've been trying to get a hold of a copy of the N.A.P.B.L manual.
>> had "Barnes & Nobles" and  "Books-a-Million" looking for this book for
>> two months. "Barnes & Nobles" called me yesterday and told me that the
>> is no longer available. B&N spoke with the publisher, the publisher said
>> it was due to be re-published a few months ago but they changed there
>> B&N told me to check back with them in a couple of months!! B-a-M said
>> same thing. Any ideas how I can get a hold of a copy?? None of the book
>> here in town can find the manual.