FP Gators Split w/Aces Opening

FP Gators Split w/Aces Opening

Post by Phenix Mgt Int' » Fri, 10 May 1996 04:00:00

Thank goodness fastball is back in Toronto!

Opening night of league play in the ISC Travel League of Eastern Canada
at Dieppe Park, East York (Toronto, ON) tonight brought out a great crowd
looking for action, and they found it.

The larger than usual crowd (compared to 1995) was due in large measure
to great support this year from the media.  Bruce Huff, in his Wed weekly
feature in the Toronto Star did a great job of promoting fastpitch,
Thanks Bruce!  John Derringer, early morning man at the FAN 590 All
Sports Radio not only plugged the opening game but came out and cheered
on the teams.  John is a true fan of the game and we look forward to
hearing a lot more from him this year.  John does a weekly feature on the
FAN called  "Ask John's Dad".  John's dad lives in Flint Michigan, great
fastpitch country, and John was very interested to hear the details about
the ISF's this July in Midland Michigan.  

Many fans were looking for pitching great Darrn Zack, of Garden River
Ontario tonight.  Darren is finishing up his qualifying 20 game run in
Tampa Bay with the Smokers (Darren will play for the Smokers in Decatur
IL in September (IF the team can get through the first weekend without
him... he will be playing for his main team, the Gators in Waterloo, ON
Labour Day weekend in the Men's Sr. Canadians OASA))  Darren IS expected
back with the Gators for this weekend's two double headers in Milverton
and Sebringville on Saturday and Sunday.

Most of the Gators were on hand for the opener with the Toronto Aces and
both teams looked great.

Game 1, Brad Baker, fresh back from "winter" ball in NZ, faced McIntyre
of the Aces.
Tell this to Ripley's "Believe it or Not": the first game of the double
header was called for a curfew at 8:30pm in 4th inning, with Aces aahead
3-2.  Aces had been ahead 3-0 going into the 4th, when Bobby Green and
Kosciesza each hit single run homers.  Needless to say they thought they
were on a comeback, and the curfew in a first game of 2 was a bit

Game 2, Mike Crawford of the Gators faced Scott.
Hungry for revenge, Gators took an early 4-0 lead and that was the final
after 5 innings with game called due to rain.

An interesting start to what promises to be a great year for fastpitch in
S. Ontario.

Al Doran, "At the Ballpark"


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