Gold Points

Gold Points

Post by Tony Sandstro » Wed, 07 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I have a few questions about gold points.  I have been
looking at the gold points web site.

How are the number of points given out in any tournament
determined?  I noticed that the two CA tournaments and the
one AZ tournament have hundreds of points awarded to various
teams, and some of the other tournaments have as few as two.

If there are 90 some odd teams in gold division, and 64
qualify,  it looks to me like a team can go with as few as
15 or so points.  Is gold easier to qualify for nationals
than "A"?

How many teams go to "A" nationals?  And do they all come
out of the various qualifiers?
Why doesn't "A" use points too?  I understand you have to
win most "A" qualifiers outright to go to nationals.  Is
this true?

Just wondering