Travel Ball & Jr. College

Travel Ball & Jr. College

Post by N2Sports » Mon, 26 Feb 2001 17:21:31

I have decided to stay at home and go to a  Jr. College & play softball instead
of going across the U.S to play for a University. My question is should I
finish out my senior year playing travel ball after High School Softball is
over & go to Colorado & Nationals if I've made my decision on what I want to
do. In your opinon what would the benefits be for me to stay and play verses
not playing. I do however want to eventually go away to college just not now.

Travel Ball & Jr. College

Post by Ray_Woo » Tue, 27 Feb 2001 13:53:00

Good question.  My daughter played for a JuCo for 2 years,
and is now at a D-I school.

First, playing at a JuCo is different than playing for a 4 year
school.  There are almost no restrictions on games and practices
at a JuCo.  So, you can  play lots & lots of softball games, and practice
6 days a week, 8 hours a day,  if that is what the coach wants.

So, I would first find out about the coach's game and practice
schedule for this year, and maybe talk to him about next year.
Then, sit down and consider your commitment to your travelball
team.  You may decide that it is simply too much softball for you.

Recruiting is different also.  The good JuCos are regularly shopped
by the 4 year schools.  You will either be signed or not
signed based upon what you did at the JuCo, not by what you did for your
summer team.  So, summer ball is really "just for fun."  Treat it that

My daughter played travel ball after her senior year
of high school and had a good time.  She agreed to play summer ball
again the following year.  

She played for a really good JuCo team, and played perhaps 100 games
for the JuCo,  and went to the D-I JuCo nationals, etc.   She
found summer ball after that pretty bland (the summer team went
to Colorado and the nationals, etc., but the level of play wasn't
enjoyable.)  By the end of that summer, she was sick of playing
softball.  It was simply too much.  She took 4 months off, and
when she went her D-I school in the fall, she was ready.

So, only play summer ball if you really will enjoy it.  
If there is something else you want to do during the summer, then
go do it.