SP Homerun Rule

SP Homerun Rule

Post by Steve Kins » Thu, 09 Oct 1997 04:00:00


> Has anyone heard of, or played by, the Progressive Homerun rule?

> My understanding is that this is a new rule to NSA.  If a division has a
> homerun limit of 2 homeruns per team per game, and Team A gets 2 HRs, then
> Team A cannot score/count any more HRs until Team B has scored 2 HRs. Then
> the HR count is cleared and either team can now score 2 more HRs, but
> cannot score/count any more until the other team has scored another 2 HRs,
> and so on, and so on...

> Anyone heard of this?  Comments?

      - here's a wild thought
      - if you need to limit the number of home runs then why
        not allow FAST pitching ????????

      ------- sk