Art Martineau's 1997 college "poll"

Art Martineau's 1997 college "poll"

Post by Vince Den » Mon, 20 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Art Martineau, who borrows a friend's computer to read Internet softball,
emailed me his preseason assessment of college ball. Art has coached the
Redding Rebels women's major team and Hot Stuff Gold.

I'd take him to task on his comment about AZ's lack of pitching...NE and OK
are the sleepers in this group. Could be an entertaining college season.

(Floyd and the eight dwarfs...heheheheh)


(forwarded message)

Subject: ART'S 1997 COLLEGE POLL
Date: 17 Jan 97 19:48:30 EST

I am still not online, however I am trying to keep up with the news group
and some of the internet information.  Quite interesting.

Here is a brief look at my top college teams for 1997:
1.  UCLA  (pitching is the name of the game)
2.  FRESNO STATE (see above comment)
3.  ARIZONA (hitting to score alot, pitching a problem)
4.  WASHINGTON (good as usual, what is this a pac-10 poll??)
5.  SOUTH CAROLINA (TJ to carry the load)
6.  CALIFORNIA (Floyd and the 8 dwarfs)
7.  MICHIGAN (best in the mid-west)
8.  UNLV (coaching + Isgar addition)
9.  CAL STATE NORTHRIDGE (Tara Glaister underrated)
10. SOUTHWESTERN LA.  (always close, never there)
11. LONG BEACH STATE (pitching to be effective)
12. OKLAHOMA (strong recruiting class)
13. NEBRASKA (many good players, should be strong)
14. IOWA (chief rival for Michigan)
15. FLORIDA STATE (many wins, until crunch time)
16. NOTRE DAME (getting stronger every year)
17. SOUTH FLORIDA (sleeper)
18. CAL POLY SLO (Knipfer and who else?)
19. HAWAII (strong with Wilkins back)
20. MASSACHUSETTS (have to pick 1 eastern team!!)

Thats all for now, talk to you soon.
Art M.