Women's Pro League draft coming right up

Women's Pro League draft coming right up

Post by Hiller » Thu, 20 Nov 1997 04:00:00

From the NFCA web site:


Women's Pro Fastpitch (WPF) will hold its 1998 draft of college seniors
on Saturday, December 6, at 7 p.m. in Palm Springs, California, in conjunction
with the NFCA National Convention. All six WPF head coaches will be present
to select the best talent available to help their teams for the 1998 season.

An open national tryout will be held Sunday, December 7, from 1-5 p.m.,
at Big League Dreams Sports Park in Cathedral City, California. Open to
all players, the national tryout will give women softball athletes the
to play professionally on one of the six league teams for the 1998 season,
which begins May 29.

Athletes selected during the tryouts will either be signed to a player contract
with WPF, or invited for further evaluation to spring training camp, which
begins in mid-May.

Current competing NCAA fastpitch players jeopardize their collegiate
if they participate in professional tryouts while in school. Those wishing
to attend the tryouts are required to pre-register by telephone with the
league office in Denver (303) 316-7800. Players trying out will be asked
to pay a processing fee of $30, payable at the tryout site. This will be
the only open tryout outside of the WPF team markets before the start of
the 1998 season.

"The annual WPF Draft, combined with league and team tryouts, are integral
components of a successful pro league," said Rayla Allison, VP and
League Director of Women's Pro Fastpitch. "Fastpitch players across
the country now have an avenue in which to pursue a pro career."

(I guess that last comment means the league's draft, league and team
tryouts haven't been successful ~ Vince)