Best Summer programs

Best Summer programs

Post by wdgoodi » Sat, 13 Jan 1996 04:00:00


> Wilson did a survey of college coaches.  According to the 12/4/95
> survey, the following are the top summer programs (in alphabetical
> order):

> 1.  Arizona Roadrunners
> 2.  Blazing Angels (Penn.)
> 3.  California A's
> 4.  California Waves
> 5.  Gordon Panthers (Cal.)
> 6.  Joliet Sharks (IL)
> 7.  Chargers (N.Y.)
> 8.  Little Saints (Arizona)
> 9.  Orange County Batbusters (Cal.)
> 10. Pegasus (Cal.)
> 11. Pasadena Illusions (Texas)
> 12. San Diego Lightning (Cal.)
> 13.  Texas Challengers
> 14.  Washington Diamond Dusters (Wash.)

> Comments?  I'm sure everyone agrees with the list ;^)

YOU MUST BE KIDDING ME! What college coaches were polled? A bunch of
D-III schools in PA.? Does ANYONE really think that there are 8 programs
better than Gary Hanning's Batbusters? Larry Mays club (Gordon's
Panthers) sits behind 4 others? Fresno Force does not even make the
list?!?!?!? I do not want to knock anyone who is on the list, but one
should look at the number of kids each program places into TOP D-1
schools, year after year. If that is the criteria, the poll IMHO would
look as follows:

1. Tie: Gordons Panthers and Orange County Batbusters
3-10 (any one of many outstanding California programs Nor Cal and So Cal)
 ****It would be very hard to rank them, but the ones that come to mind,
in no particular order are: Athletics/Fresno
Stuff/Power/Choppers(Pirettes)/I'll put Ariz L'il Saints in this group,
close enough to So Cal)
****There are other outstanding programs that have not been at the 18U
level as long as some of the previously mentioned that are very good:
Cruisers/Pastime/Waves/S.D. Lightning/Firecrackers/Stealth/S.J.

I really would like to know what criteria was used to make that
poll!!!!!!! Good Topic Ray!!!

Wes Goodin
So Cal Stealth
I would love to make this reply again in about 4 years. Will my program
move towards the top? Try my best!!!!!!!!!


Best Summer programs

Post by Vince Den » Sat, 13 Jan 1996 04:00:00


>Wilson did a survey of college coaches.  According to the 12/4/95
>survey, the following are the top summer programs (in alphabetical

>1.  Arizona Roadrunners
>2.  Blazing Angels (Penn.)
>3.  California A's
>4.  California Waves
>5.  Gordon Panthers (Cal.)
>6.  Joliet Sharks (IL)
>7.  Chargers (N.Y.)
>8.  Little Saints (Arizona)
>9.  Orange County Batbusters (Cal.)
>10. Pegasus (Cal.)
>11. Pasadena Illusions (Texas)
>12. San Diego Lightning (Cal.)
>13.  Texas Challengers
>14.  Washington Diamond Dusters (Wash.)

>Comments?  I'm sure everyone agrees with the list ;^)

Most of the above organizations probably are great within their own
areas but are not competitive overall. Chargers...Blazing
Angels...Sharks...Illusions...Challengers...Diamond Dusters...all do
nothing in Nationals competition. The Alvin Challengers...there's a
name I haven't heard in a long time.

San Diego Lightning is riddled with internal problems and now have to
face another problem, and that is one of their pitchers is rated Gold.
Will Lightning play Gold? The team's lost most of its players from
last year.

Lil Saints run a great program. Roadrunners???

Which Athletics team, Rich Chambrone's or Matt Giardino's?

I noticed this list is in alphabetical order. Wes is pretty much on
top of the best programs, I'd rank them like this, based in history:
1. California Raiders (Phil Bruder, coach)
2. Gordon's Panthers (Larry Mays)
3. Orange County Batbusters (Gary Haning)
4. The rest. Look, most programs go up and down like yo-yos as moms
and dads move in and out of the programs. Raiders now are out as
Bruder moved to Colorado, I hear making a mint as a hitting instructor
up there.

Pegasus, give me a BREAK. This program does ZERO competitively.

I wonder what Wilson asked, success in placing kids into college?
Success against other summer programs? What?

It is indeed pathetic that the Fresno Force organization was left out.
Now, why did that happen?

Was the Washington club the one that backed out of ASA because they
didn't want to play Gold? Maybe not, I dunno.

Waves, lots of points I guess for winning A Nationals last year. But,
Waves had been down a long, long time after being successful in the
80s. I suppose this is a top program.

San Diego Power's best team ever might have been 1993, split four
games with Larry's Panthers, who won the last legitimate ASA 18-Under
Nationals (before the Gold split). The Power organization has been in
San Diego for 11 years, placed many kids in college, average almost
six a year. Considering we usually have six seniors a year, I'd say we
do pretty well, but I guess not as great as the Long Island Chargers
and Penn. Blazing Angels. Illusions make A Nationals a lot,
Challengers I believe play AFA mostly but I'm not sure, Houston is AFA

Perhaps the college coaches who voted in this thing were regional,
kind of like how they run the Top 25 poll. What are college coaches
doing rating these programs anyway? Can't college coaches leave
anything alone? They've invaded the juniors' Olympic Festival and
Junior World teams, invaded the Olympic selection process and two of
three Olympic coaches are college coaches...there's a move to have the
NSCA (i.e., USFA) as the NGB...I guess coaching a college program is
pretty easy and not very time consuming, people like Kathy Arendsen
and Jay Miller can sit on Olympic committees...

Here's what I see. Bill Edwards had a vote and voted for the Chargers.
Linda Wells had a vote and placed one on the Roadrunners. Sue Rankin
voted for the Blazing Angels. You understand...I guess Margie didn't
have her fingers in this one, as Fresno State, oh, whoops, sorry,
Fresno Force didn't make the list.

Wes, keep up the good work, if you can continue to build your program
the way you have, you'll be right there. Everyone watch out for
Stealth, they're going to be making a lot of noise this summer.



Best Summer programs

Post by Kim Gwyd » Sun, 14 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Wes -

I think you should look at the note again. It listed the programs in
alphebetic order not in order of how they were ranked.  My guess is that
this poll was done at the NSCA coaches convention? Remember, there is
softball east of California.

Kim Gwydir
NY Chargers