Hello everyone

Hello everyone

Post by Chester L. Buffa » Wed, 14 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Hello to everyone. I am new to this group so I wanted to introduce
myself. I am very interested in talking to umpires. My name is Chester
L. Buffalo. I have been an ASA umpire since July 1985. I have done
most of my umpiring in the Greater Boston (MA) area. Currently I live
in Brockton (about 15 miles southeast of Boston). In my time as an
umpire I have done slow pitch, modified pitch and fast pitch (I am not
used to the term fastball) for girls, boys, women and men from 8 years
old to *** in sandlots, league play, high school, college,
tournament play, championship play, etc. for ASA & LL. Of all the
games I have done over 90% of them I have done alone. I LOVE UMPIRING.
As time has gone on I have become more particular about the games I do
and now will only do fast pitch games. I would like to comment on
several things that I have read here and have observed.

1. I like doing ASA games better than LL games. The teams seem to be
more competitive and play is better. I also find ASA coaches to be
more knowledgeable about all aspects of softball including rules of
the game.

2. Although there are some differences LL rules, as far as they go,
are generally the same as ASA. When I do LL games and there is no LL
rule to cover a situation I apply the ASA ruling. One thing I don't
understand is that I can get an ASA rule book almost anywhere. When I
called LL they told me I had to get a book from a District
Commissioner. You can't buy one (at least not in my area) and they
won't send you one.

3. I recently called ASA to try to find out if they have a web page
and if not were they planning on getting one. It would be nice to be
able to get the rules and changes in a downloadable file. I had to
leave a V-Mail to the Director of Communications and I am still
waiting to hear from him. Does anybody know the answer to this?

4. I take the test every year but I sometimes have trouble finding
things. Part of the problem is that the book and the print are so
small. I have created my own manual by scanning the text and pictures
in the book and arranging them in a more organized way. I have also
redone the Table of Contents and the Indices to reflect the different
page numbers. I have done this for my use only. On the first page of
Rules Book (1995) is the Copyright notice but on page 47 it says that
permission to reprint has been granted. Granted to whom? Since ASA
publishes the rules are they giving permission to themselves? If a
person buys a copy of the Rule Book can they do the same thing I did?
Can I give them what I did if I do not charge and they have bought a
copy of the Rule Book? These are other questions I am waiting to hear
an answer on. BTW: There are a number of typos, inconsistencies and a
missing diagram in the Rule Book.

I am sorry if this is long winded. If I should have done this another
way would someone please let me know?

Thank you,