WPF compost draft list

WPF compost draft list

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Thanks to Rich Rosa for tilling the compost pile and finding the following


Pitchers Dominate 1998 WPF Draft
PALM SPRINGS, CA, DECEMBER 7 -- Pitching was the focal point for the 1998 WPF
Draft, held in conjunction with the National Fastpitch Coaches Association
convention in Palm Springs, Calif. The top four selections and six of the first
eight picks were pitchers. A complete list of the 1998 WPF Draft is attached.

Georgia opened the draft by taking Desarie Knipfer, an all-American pitcher
from Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo who struck out 232 batters in 203 innings in her
junior season. Carolina followed with the selection of pitcher Eve Gaw of
Washington, a key player who has been a part of two NCAA Womens College World
Series teams in Seattle. Tampa Bays third pick was Iowas Debbie Bilbao, one
of the top pitchers in the Big Ten, and a three-time participant in the NCAA
Womens College World Series. Durham followed with pitcher Sheryl Shreve of
Purdue, an all-Big Ten performer. ***ias first selection was Ohio State
outfielder Jodi Dolan, an all-Big Ten selection for the Buckeyes. Tampa Bay
ended the first round by selecting shortstop Ali Viola of Nebraska, an
all-American who is one of the top hitters in the country.

Carolina participated in both draft-night trades. In its first transaction, the
Diamonds sent the rights of second baseman Patty Becker to ***ia for the
Roadsters third-round selection, the 17th overall pick. The Diamonds also sent
the rights of shortstop Crystal Boyd to Georgia for the Prides fourth-round
selection, the 20th overall pick. The Diamonds ended the night with six of the
top 20 selections in the draft.

"WPF provides a professional playing opportunity for the very finest fastpitch
athletes in the nation," said Rayla Allison, WPF vice president/league
director. "The 60 draft selections represent the top senior athletes graduating
from the finest college programs in the nation. The WPF fans will have an
opportunity to see these stars in action during the 1998 season."

The second season of WPF will commence on May 29, 1998, with the Carolina
Diamonds, Durham Dragons, Georgia Pride, Tampa Bay FireStix and ***ia
Roadsters chasing the 1997 WPF champion Orlando Wahoos for the league
championship. The 66-game schedule will be played over a 14-week period in two
halves, with the majority of games occurring Thursday through Sunday. The
championship series featuring the winners of each half of the season will take
place the first week of September.

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1998 WPF DRAFT -- December 6, 1997 -- Palm Springs, Calif.

     Round 1                  Player                         Pos.       School
1.  Georgia                 Desarie Knipfer           P      Cal
2.  Carolina                Eve Gaw                     P            Washington
3.  Tampa Bay         Debbie Bilbao             P            Iowa
4.  Durham                  Sheryl Scheve               P            Purdue
5.  ***ia                Jodi Dolan               OF      Ohio State
6.  Tampa Bay         Ali Viola              SS      Nebraska

     Round 2                  Player                         Pos.       School
7.  Carolina                Leanne Tyler                P            Oklahoma
8.  Georgia                 Whitney Floyd               P            California
9.  Tampa Bay         Kristi Bolle                    IF             Oklahoma
10.  Georgia          Cheri Shinn                    UT    
11.  ***ia               Jennifer Jaime              P            Oklahoma
12.  Orlando          Sandy Rhea             OF      Utah

     Round 3                  Player                         Pos.       School
13.  Georgia          Chelo Lopez               IF           CS-Northridge
14.  Carolina         Jodi Otten                     2B      Louisiana
15.  Tampa Bay        Rachel Johnson         OF      Oklahoma
16.  Durham           Jennifer Smith            C            Nebraska
17.  Carolina         Raja Woods             UT      Arizona St.
18.  Orlando          Monica Armendarez 3B           Indiana

      Round 4           Player                       Pos.        School
19.  Carolina         Jen Buford                     2B      Colorado
20.  Carolina         Stephanie Bonillas  3B         N. Mexico St.
21.  Tampa Bay          Kim Slover                   1B      Missouri
22.  Durham           Jenny Schoen           OF      Purdue
23.  ***ia               Kelly Buckley               C          
24.  Orlando          Kellyn Tate                    OF      Michigan

      Round 5           Player                        Pos.      School
25.  Georgia          Tia Morenz                       C             Hawaii
26.  Carolina         Victoria Ruelas            IF          San Jose St.
27.  Tampa Bay        Cara Johnson            UT             W. Illinois
28.  Durham           Roxanne Tsosie             P           Arizona St.
29.  ***ia               Kim Peck                   P             Fresno St.
30.  Orlando          Kristy Hull                      C             Florida

      Round 6           Player                        Pos.      School
31.  Carolina         Corina Lilly                     P             San Jose
32.  Georgia          Nina Lindenberg           2B           Fresno St.
33.  Tampa Bay        Jennifer Kintz            OF           Fla. Atlantic
34.  Durham           Jill Haas               3B             Sacramento
35.  ***ia               Julie Garcia                      OF            
Columbus St.
36.  Orlando          Lori Osterberg            SS           USL

      Round 7           Player                         Pos.     School
37.  Georgia          Amanda Favorite     IF         Long Beach St.
38.  Carolina         Erin Hickey                      OF            DePaul
39.  Tampa Bay        Michelle Reeve             OF          Centenary
40.  Durham           Sky Brown                 P            South
41.  ***ia               Sara Fredstrom               SS          Colorado
42.  Orlando          Amy Robertson               P          TN-Chattanooga

      Round 8           Player                         Pos.      School
43.  Carolina         Brandy Arthur              P/OF   North Carolina
44.  Georgia          Lety Pineda                        C            Arizona
45.  Tampa Bay        Nicola Walsh                OF    Long Beach St.
46.  Durham           Julie Crandall               IF   UNLV
47.  ***ia               Jenny Ackley                  1B    California
48.  Orlando          Trish Charbonneau    IF   Ill.-Chicago

      Round 9           Player                         Pos.       School
49.  Georgia          Diedre Shores              OF            SW Mo. St.
50.  Carolina         Jen Dean                 3B              Northern Iowa
51.  Tampa Bay        Laurie Fritz                   2B/OF       UCLA
52.  Durham           Kristen Drake          2B/SS       California
53.  ***ia               Lith Webb                  3B            
California (PA)
54.  Orlando          Michelle Oswald    SS            NE Illinois

      Round 10        Player                           Pos.       School
55.  Carolina         Kim Guthridge              1B            Massachusetts
56.  Georgia          Carolyn Wilson              C            Fresno State
57.  Tampa Bay        Alison Johnsen             OF            Arizona
58.  Durham           Laura Redding               IF           CS-Northridge
59.  ***ia               Tammy Pytel          2B            N.
60.  Orlando          Missy Kazcor                C            N. Illinois

Notes--Selection #6 was acquired by Tampa Bay from Orlando in an earlier trade.
 Selection #10 was acquired by Georgia from Durham in an earlier trade.
Selection #17 was acquired by Carolina from ***ia on draft night for the
rights to Patty Becker.  Selection #20 was acquired by Carolina from Georgia on
draft night for the rights to Crystal Boyd.

Georgia and Carolina tied with the same record during the 1997 regular season.
Georgia lost more games to Carolina in the 1997 head-to-head series and chose
ahead of Carolina in the odd-numbered rounds.  Carolina chose ahead of Georgia
in the even-numbered