Women's Open Fastpitch in Westminster CA, July 19-21

Women's Open Fastpitch in Westminster CA, July 19-21

Post by Lisa C. S » Thu, 18 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Here are the pools and game times for the Legacy tournament in
Westminster this weekend:

Pool A:              Pool B:              Pool C:
1.Legacy             1.Diamonds           1.Shilos
2.Hott Stuff         2.Illusion           2.Cruisers
3.Bongo              3.Arizona Heat       3.Rebels
4.Red Devils         4.Panthers           4.Smoke

Pool D:              Pool E:
1.Condors            1.Shockwave
2.Wildfire           2.Patriots
3.Hi-5               3.Stealers
4.Venom              4.Blue Lightning

Sat's Games
Field 4:          
8:00 A2 vs A4
10:00 A1 vs A4
12:00 A2 vs A3
2:00 A4 vs A3
4:00 A1 vs A2
6:00 A1 vs A3

Field 3:
8:00 B2 vs B4
10:00 B1 vs B4
12:00 B2 vs B3
2:00 B4 vs B3
4:00 B1 vs B2
6:00 B1 vs B3

Field 1:
8:00 C2 vs. C4
10:00 C1 VS C4
12:00 C2 VS C3
2:00 C4 VS C3
4:00 C1 VS C2
6:00 C1 VS C3

Field 2:
8:00 D2 VS D4
10:00 D1 VS D4
12:00 D2 VS D3
2:00 D4 VS D3
4:00 D1 VS D2
6:00 D1 VS D3

Siegler Park
12:00 E1 VS E4
2:00 E1 VS E3
4:00 E4 VS E3
6:00 E2 VS E4
8:00 E2 VS E3

After the pool play, there is brackets, but I'm not going to write all
that down.  I'm number 20 on the Venom team, so come out and say hi. :)

Lisa Su