Links Page Removed - Thanks for the Help!

Links Page Removed - Thanks for the Help!

Post by Thomas Klei » Fri, 29 Nov 1996 04:00:00

        Just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to respond to my call for
help on the theft of my Softball Links Page by the Space Coast Slam.  The
response from my posting on the news group and E-Mail has been what I had
hoped for and he has received the message loud and clear.  The links page
as well as the team roster page (also stolen) have been removed with an
apology.  I think he was overwhelmed with E-Mail.

I knew I could count on the Softball Internet Family!
Thomas Klein
Central Pennsylvania Krunch


Links Page Removed - Thanks for the Help!

Post by deblaub.. » Fri, 29 Nov 1996 04:00:00

   Denise- this is posted on and also:


>We had 3 softball games (fastpitch games) this week and all 3 games the
>umpires ask the following question:

>We don't need your line ups because this isn't a real game is it?  Or we
>won't be real sticklers for the rules because this isn't a real game is

>Well I have a question.  do we have to pay them real money??

HI Denise.  Here are my thoughts on the more 'casual' atmposphere
generated during a fall season double header game, usually on a nice
Sunday afternoon.  Usually, the coaches will tell the umpires what their
goals for the day are-- "Blue we would like to perhaps try some new things
today, maybe even do free substitutions. We have a couple big tourneys
coming up so we hope to get the girls really thinking today so it will be
instinctive during the pressure games."  Or something to that effect.  So,
do I want to look like God out there and reply, "Nope. Sorry coach.  I'll
need line-ups, there will be no free substitutions, no putting runners on
base to try new things, no fun, no enjoyment, but allot of hustle is
expected.  And by the way, I'll need to be paid with real money."  <grin>

Please understand my sarcasim.  I am not trying to be a smartalleck.  My
point is this:  sometimes it is totally appropriate for officials to be
part of the game, not be the game.  I try to convey to the coaches at the
plate meeting that "this is your day, not mine.  Tell me what you'd like
to do today.  Will you need to have more leeway with subsitutions or would
you like me to maintain line-ups, working with your scorekeepers to ensure
proper batting order, etc.?"  In some cases, Denise, the coaches come out
with line ups in hand and I take them and do not even comment on what
their needs are.  Their demeanor and their "readiness" let me know.  I try
and set a professional tone, no matter how "casual" the coaches are.  I
try to not socialize with the players too much, again no matter how casual
the game is.  They are there to concentrate on their game, not on
conversations with the umpire.

Any thoughts on my perspective?  One last question-- did the umpires in
your game recently display unprofessionalism by refusing to hold the line
up cards and by displaying an uncaring attitude towards the coaches,
players and fans?  I certainly hope not.  It is uncommon for umpires to be
total sticklers on everything during "practice" games that are from the
beginning more casual.  What I mean is that sometimes umpires and coaches
talking between innings about illegal pitches or certain actions they see
and potential problems, make for (1) good rapport between umpires and
coaches and (2) keeps the umpires from appearing to be hardasses with
nothing else better to do than "not let the girls play."  Ever hear that
line from parents and coaches, hummm? "Cmon, blue--let the girls play.
What, are you in a hurry to go home?"

In no hurry,

Fastpitch Umpire


Links Page Removed - Thanks for the Help!

Post by DGrup » Wed, 25 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Here's just my opinion on this;

Since you are a "hired gun" and providing a service, in a case like you
mentioned, it shouldn't bother a paid umpire to carry out the coaches'
request on a nice sunny, Sunday afternoon.

In fact, it might even be helpful to yourself, to have situations like
this. It can get pretty monotonous just calling balls and strikes. Why not
have a few runners on to liven things up and keep you involved,
interested, and awake. Plus, you're getting paid for it. Not a bad deal.