Womens Pro Softball

Womens Pro Softball

Post by Morrie Ols » Thu, 28 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Why do I keep reading more and more trash about the pro Womens league.  
Lets look at it from a positive side.  First however I do agree that it
is not the game an avid fan, player, umpire or coach wants anything to do
with.  The positive thing is that it is a pro sport for a highly talented
group of female athletes.  We as a group should try to help premote pro
FASTPITCH SOFTBALL as the game it really is.  Play the NCAA game with the
same rules, pitching distance 43' and maybe you could go to some of these
D1 schools that have nice parks that are not being used from the end of
May till the third week in August, some not till September.  Make a
financial arangment with the school and just maybe there maybe a place
for these games to be played that are built for softball.  I live in the
Seattle, Wa. area and there is one of the finest softball parks in the
country being finished this spring at the University of Washington.  Most
college teams play about 8-10 double headers a year on these fields and I
think that some schools could be approuched in a manner the would help
both the schools and the pro-game.  However if they want to play it the
way they have set it up, I can't think of a stadium that has 3,000 seats
and plays baseball is going to let you come in and play 40 games of
softball on there grass infields.  Let alone a pitcher throwing a rise-
ball from an area that is higher than the plate.  Don't reinvent the
wheel, play the game of Fastpitch, not some stupid game that is not
baseball or fastpitch.  No matter what game you are playing, pitching is
the name of the game.  Everybody is looking for more pitching, baseball
or fastpitch everyone wants better pitching.  Just look at the World
Series 1995, pitching was the name of the game.  If you don't like to see
a 2-1 or 1-0 game in fastpitch you don't like fastpitch.   In 28yrs. as a
Fastpitch umpire and 15 as a Coach I have yet to see a pitcher strike-out
21 hitters.  If you want runs watch slo-pitch.    

Womens Pro Softball

Post by Terry Coo » Fri, 29 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Morrie, I was a volunteer at the Level I tryouts for the Olympic Softball
team. It was there that I first heard about Pro Softball for Women.
I thought it was a great idea, then , they started talking about the
rule changes, game changes. Think about it, college baseball to pro
baseball, how much of a change?? College softball to pro softball, major
change. We, Fastpitch fans, love a 1-0, 2-1, 8 or 9 innings, but, we
also want the pro sport to be what we love to watch. You don't prosper
playing in an empty staduim.



Womens Pro Softball

Post by Slug » Sat, 30 Mar 1996 04:00:00

On Thu, 28 Mar 1996 05:45:01 -0800, Terry Cook

 I first heard about Pro Softball for Women.

>I thought it was a great idea, then , they started talking about the
>rule changes, game changes.

. We, Fastpitch fans, love a 1-0, 2-1, 8 or 9 innings, but, we

>also want the pro sport to be what we love to watch. You don't prosper
>playing in an empty staduim.


I would like to know who was consulted or otherwise involved in and
what line of thinking was used when the current rules of women's
fastpitch were mutilated and transformed into something that has been
attempted to be  foisted on the public as pro fastpitch softball. Were
these softball people or outside promoters trying to think of ways to
make a buck on the game? They could not have been the same people that
worked to get THE GAME into the Olympics. They didn't find it
necessary to fiddle, toy and otherwise play with the rules for it to
become an Olympic sport did they? Are those seats sold out?

Why were some of these changes felt to be necessary? If you like
women's sports &  fastpitch softball, the current college game is not
boring. There are hits nearly inning and excellent defensive plays to
take hits away in similar manner.  I did not see anything that I would
consider to be an enhancement of the current  game in the action that
I saw.  Am I missing the boat? The game of Women's Fastpitch needs to
be PROMOTED not bastardized.

 I would like to see the game of women's fastpitch proseper more than
most people on this planet. Who researched the distance between bases
in combination with the leadoff process that lead to the stolen base
becomming a mockery of the word "stolen?"  I think women's physical
skills, the current distance between bases and the weight and size of
the ball itself are ideal as opposed to my feeling that men kinda
overpower that same softball dimensioned infield. It reminded me of
7th and 8th grade boys playing rec. baseball on a regulation diamond
where none of the catchers has a strong enough arm to throw anyone out
at 2nd. The women catching in those games were almost helpless and
they were upper echelon players as opposed to some 8th grade boy whose
baseball career will end when he gets to high school. Maybe the
pitchers needed a better pickoff move? Great Softball? A poorly
conceived game? Who were these people trying to appeal to? The
research if there was any  looks inept and incomplete.

Are oullandish "enhancements" being added to women's basketball for
the new women's professional league? Other than the smaller ball, the
sport is played by rules well established for all of basketball.
Hopefully they won't outlaw the zone defense, lower the basket shorten
the 3 point circle and make it an NBA stepchild.